Join the Dachshund Delights Dachsaholics Club and proudly confess:
I’m A Dachsaholic

Many of our customers have inadvertently joined the ranks of our unofficial “frequent buyer” list. So to make an “official” list and to thank all of you who have continued to support us each year, we are offering The Dachsaholics Club for those who just can’t get enough of all things dachshund.

Dachsaholics Club Benefits

Dachshund Delights Newsletter subscription ($15 value). Published seasonally. Each issue holds a photo contest, awarding 3 winners with gift certificates to the catalog.

A free dachshund magnet.

A bumper sticker proclaiming I’m A Dachsaholic.

A birthday treat sent to your dachshund on his/her special day. (One dachsie per membership, additional treats available for $3 each.)

Receive a special club discount of 10 percent on any catalog order. No minimum order. You can order and receive the discount as many times a year as you choose, as long as your membership is in good standing.

The options break out like this:

Item Price
Newsletter only $15 (USA)
$18 (Canada)
$20 (Foreign)
1-year Membership $20 (USA)
$25 (Canada)
$30 (Foreign)
Special Savings
2-year Membership
(Extends newsletter,
discount & birthday
treat for an additional year) $35 (USA)
$40 (Canada)
$45 (Foreign)
1-Year Extra birthday treat $3 (USA)
$4 (Canada)
$5 (Foreign)
2-Year Extra birthday treat $6 (USA)
$8 (Canada)