Dachshunds are burrowing animals.

There are a number of ways you can deal with this. You can dig a series of backyard tunnels and stock them with small animals. Or you can buy a Dachshund DreamSack.

A combination of sleeping bag, security blanket and private club house, the DreamSack quickly becomes the favorite hangout of the dachshunds lucky enough to have an owner kind enough to buy one.

That kind-hearted owner could be you.

Note About Sizes, Fabrics, Colors and Patterns:

No matter the size of your dachshund or the number of dachshunds you have, we can accommodate you. The DreamSacks come in five sizes:
bullet 18″ by 24″
bullet 20″ by 30″
bullet 24″ by 34″
bullet 28″ by 40″
bullet 32″ by 44″
bullet 36″ by 50″
The interior of these DreamSacks is imitation lambswool.
Click here to see pictures of fabrics you may choose for the exterior of your DreamSack (or your Hug-A-Dog HarnessŪ). The fabric selections will open in a new window.

The DreamSack prices are listed below. (We will charge for shipping and handling; here’s our chart for your information.)

Size Price
18″ by 24″ $34.95
20″ by 30″ 44.95
24″ by 34″ 49.95
28″ by 40″ 59.95
32″ by 44″ 69.95
36″ by 50″ 74.95