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Princess, who models in this photo and the one below, went to the Rainbow Bridge much too early on October 26, 2001. She was loved by our seamstress Helene and by her many other friends.

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Unless you are ordering a harness for a dachshund, it's best to measure your dog and let us custom-make a harness to fit. (If you are ordering  for a dachshund, check our special page for more details.) Provide us with the following measurements, as shown in the photos below, then base the price on the girth measurements shown in the table on the right of this page. We only need the length measurement if you're ordering a coat.


Click here for a gallery of photos of some of the dogs we've fitted.

Or click here for some comments from their owners.


Finally, a comfortable-fitting harness vest that is easy on the dog and on the owner!

Made of cool, heavy-duty, poly knit mesh, this harness goes on easy with Velcro® closures — no straps to untangle. And no binding or scraping behind your dog's front legs.

A safety latch provides extra security.

A stylish harness vest with white or black mesh in a variety of trim colors. Also available in a number of stylish fabrics (click here to see them in a new browser window).

Veterinary approved.

There are a lot of harness vests on the market now, but we were the first, and we are still the best. Each harness vest is made by hand (and sewing machine) in our workshop in northeast Ohio.


To protect your dog in car, truck, sport utility vehicle, boat or plane, the Hug-A-Dog Harness® is perfect for use with the Smiling Dog Enterprises Doggie Catcher™

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You can click on the sausage to order.

Teacup $31.95 $34.95 10" - 11"
(with special
neck size)
XXS 31.95 34.95 10" - 11"
XS 34.95 37.95 12" - 13"
S 34.95 37.95 14" - 15"
M 36.95 39.95 16" - 17"
ML 36.95 39.95 18" - 19"
L 39.95 42.95 20" - 21"
XL 39.95 42.95 22" - 23"
2XL 44.95 47.95 24" - 25"
3XL 43.95 47.95 26" - 27"
4XL 49.95 52.95 28" - 29"
Giant 56.95 59.95 30"+
Add $3 to these prices for seatbelt loops

Distributor inquiries welcome. Call 1-800-444-9475.