Canine high fashion is a snap with the Snap-A-Danna.

Nothing makes your dog look jauntier than a bandanna! But bandannas are tough to tie properly and keep in place on yourself, let alone on a wriggling pooch.

That’s why there’s Snap-A-Danna, the snap-on reversible dog bandanna!

EASY: Attaches with one easy snap

SECURE: Won’t come loose and get lost

MORE FOR YOUR MONEY: Reversible to give you two fashion statements for the price of one!

DISTINCTIVE: For an extra charge, we can personalize the Snap-A-Danna with your dog’s name.

Snap-A-Danna comes in a variety of prints. Mix and match to your specifications on our order page.

The basic Snap-A-Danna is priced from $4.95 to $8.95, depending on your dog’s neck size. We can add your dog’s name in the center (as shown) for $5.00, or to the border (not shown) for $7.00 or both for $9.00.