Selecting the best bong

If you have not been partying lately, then you are missing out. People are having all kinds of fun. But the trending style right now is shisha, and it is even more fun when you are smoking using a shisha bong. Smoking might have been thought to be a man’s leisure activity, but in the current generation, women have also joined the bandwagon. Since the introduction of mini bongs to the people who enjoy smoking, the whole smoking experience has not been the same again. And many are now trying to get hold of a bong to use it at home for smoking pleasures with friends. Finding a bong has become easy by the day, thanks to the many stores that are now selling bongs. However, for a first-time bong buyer, here are some essential tips to consider.



In this generation, it is all about uniqueness, and if you love unique thing, a bong will not disappoint you. Bong manufacturers have come up with different styles of bongs. All you need is to decide on a style that fits your test. If you want to get that unique bong, you should take your time and visit as many stores in your city as you can. You can also check out the different styles available using the internet.

Glass thickness

One thing you will notice when buying a bong is the thickness of the glass. A both with think glass is considered to be durable and cannot be broken easily. But if you notice that the bong is made of a thin layer of glass, then you should avoid it unless you are very careful with your usage, and hopefully, none of your friends drops it.

Visit bong shops

buyingbongsa111When you want to get information about the different bongs, you should visit a bong shop. A visit to the bong shop will give you the opportunity to see the different bongs. You will also have a chance to talk to someone with more knowledge about shisha bongs. A good vendor will advise you and give you all the necessary information regarding the different shisha bongs available.


The place where the bong is going to be used can also determine the type of bong you will buy. Therefore, when you visit a shop, you should remember to inform your seller about the place you are going to be enjoying your shisha bong. As this can help him select for you a bong that is resistant to breakage or sizable enough.