Numerous conservation efforts can be implemented to conserve water in the kitchen. This is one of the effective ways of minimizing your water bills and reducing pressure on the available resources. To start with, it is advisable to find out the amount of water used in your home on a daily basis. The following activities can help you in saving water by minimizing wastage of water in the kitchen.

Using a bowl or basin of water when cleaning vegetable

You should avoid cleaning your vegetables when the tap is running. Instead, you should clean them using a basin of water. This water can be reused later in watering the outdoor plants. Water used in rinsing out your coffee pot can also be reused in watering the lawn and outdoor plants.

Cooling the cooking water

Cooking water (boiled potatoes, steamed vegetables, pasta) can also be reused after cooling. This water is known for containing essential nutrients that can help your gardens immensely. In addition to that, hot water can be used in killing weeds- you just need to pour this water around the roots and on the weeds.

Scraping your dishes into your compost bucket

This is a pre-soaking process that is helpful in reducing water loss and labour. The waste from these dishes can be used in preparing compost manure.

Washing your dishes in hot soapy water

This will involve washing your dishes in hot water and then rinse them in the sink. This will, in turn, increase the temperature of water in the sink. This will eliminate the need for extra water when rinsing your utensils. The rinse water can be used in pre-soaking stuck on dishes.

Warm your house with dishwater during winter

The hot water from soaking or washing dishes should be allowed to cool. This water will release heat into your home. Alternatively, this water can be reused for pre-rinsing the heavily soiled dishes. Releasing heat into your home will greatly help you in saving the energy cost during winter. The opposite should happen in summer.


Drinking water

Drinking water should be kept in the refrigerator. Avoid running your taps whenever you need to drink water.

Reduce the amount of water when boiling food

You can save water and cooking oil by boiling your food in little water. Just use enough water to submerge your potatoes and pasta. Using less water will also helpful in adding nutrients and flavour to the veggies.